Monday, August 7, 2017

GRAND GIRLS - Watercolor Pencils

When I saw these pre-printed canvas' at Michaels for $5 each, I knew the girls would love painting them.

They are a stretched canvas. set in the back of the frame is a tray that contains 8 colors, a brush and paint pallet. But I had something else in mind....

Watercolor Pencils

They worked perfectly! Here's a couple pictures of the girls hard at play:

Abby is my right-handed girl

Adrian is a lefty

Adrian likes to learn. I used a cardstock picture on a frame from $ Tree to paint with the girls. As I worked, I showed Adrian how to use a piece of canvas mat board to blend and create shades and colors:

They are works in progress. Well, Adrian's is. Abby decided she didn't want to mess it up with water. LOL Here's her finished product - complete with signature:

Adrian will work on hers a little every day this week. She turned on meditation music on her phone app and enjoyed the relaxation of creating:

Remember, any of our images can be stamped in Archival Black onto small canvas for anyone to paint. This is a great project for kids to begin working on Christmas presents.

Creative Blessings

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  1. How fun it is sharing techniques and crafts with our granddaughters! I have enjoyed making cards with mine. Better enjoy while we can!