Monday, July 25, 2016

PAPER PUMPKIN - July Original

Welcome to the July Paper Pumpkin Kit? What do you think? Not the card you were expecting, right? But that's okay, these cute little boxes have so many possibilities. I think a die in either of these shapes would be great for bridal/ baby shower favors or... something I'll show you in tomorrow's post.

Since this is the 'original' post today, I worked with just what came in the kit. the only thing I added was the acrylic stamp block. If you've been working with stamps, you have one of these. If this was your first Paper Pumpkin, Welcome to the Pumpkin Patch! You should have an acrylic block in your first box.

My box arrived a couple of days behind some of the other folks so after hearing back and forth comments about the design, I was eager to see what all the chatter was about. 

Here's what we are working with this month:

Two different styles of pre-punched, pre-scored, pre-adhesived boxes, a celebration type stamp set, tags and yarn... even part of the yarn is pre-cut!

I used the box on the left first. 

I have two tips for you this week. When positioning your stamp on an acrylic block, square up the block on your graph paper (Item #130148 - pg 185)  This will give you lines to insure your sentiment is straight on the block before stamping. 

Tip #2 - Apply ink to stamp... not stamp to ink pad. You tend to use less pressure when applying ink to stamp, eliminating a lot of the smudge you get around the edges of your stamp.

After stamping my sentiment in the Emerald Envy (one of the new in-colors!), I pulled one skein of the yarn and two of the single pieces.

Using the skein first, I wrapped around my four fingers about six times:

Clip loose from the skein. Using one of the loose pieces, secure the loop together:

Then about 3/8" from the top of the loop, wrap the other piece around like a belt and secure:

Fold your box on the score lines and secure with the adhesive tabs, leaving one end open. Even if you choose not to add treats on the inside, leaving the one end open makes threading the tails through much easier when attaching your tag.

When you're done, this is your finished box:

I followed the same steps for the other box shape and used the peach yarn:

While I can see where some might be disappointed this is not a card kit, I love these little boxes. 
See you Wednesday for July Twist!

Creative Stamping!

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